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Minister of Labor Visits Seven Industry-Academia R&D Centers and Witnesses Cheng Shiu University’s Education of High-Caliber Technical Talents

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2022/02/22

    Cheng Shiu University has long worked with the Ministry of Labor in the development of high-caliber technical talent training sites and seven industry-academia R&D centers. Meanwhile, in order that students can obtain licenses in the shortest time possible, the technical certification system operates on a rolling basis. The Minister of Labor, Ming-chun Hsu, led a delegate to visit Cheng Shiu University to experience the environment of vocational training and the friendly service provided to examination takers. President Jui-Chang Kung’s dedication to nurturing high-caliber technical talents was well-regarded.

    The Ministry of Labor and Cheng Shiu University cooperate in the construction of vocational training grounds, with the latter making up the insufficiency in the education of high-caliber talents and training facilities. Currently, Cheng Shiu University implements the Ministry of Education’s dual ladder program and has achieved great results in professional certifications and the Taiwan Jobs program. To date, the university has established testing venues for 16 categories and 26 technical professionals, and among these, three are Class 1 sites, which is the highest number among academic institutions in Taiwan. The Minister of Labor, Hsu Ming-chun; the Director of the Minister’s Office, Su-ling Cheng; the Secretary of the Minister’s Office, Li-wen Chao; and the Director of Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Branch of the Workforce Development Agency, Tai-yun Cheng, visited Cheng Shiu University to see these facilities.

    The seven industry-academia R&D centers under Cheng Shiu University are the Super Micro Mass Research and Technology Center; Engineering Research and Technology Center; Electrical Technology Center; Construction Science and Technology Center; Intelligent Vehicle Development Lab; Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration Start-up Technology Research Center; and Incubation Center. In addition, the Center of Immediate Exam, Evaluation, and Certification administers examinations on a rolling basis, in order that students can acquire licenses in the shortest time possible. 

    Founded 17 years ago, the Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration Start-up Technology Research Center has obtained ISO certification, and the university hopes to leverage the resources of its College of Engineering to establish cooperative ties with industries, in order to educate international talents, and assist industries in the development of products and technologies for cultural heritage preservation. The vision of this center is to make Taiwan the benchmark in the Asia Pacific region in the conservation of cultural assets. Meanwhile, the university established a TAF-accredited analytical team, and team members used X-ray scans to identify a painting of two nude women hidden underneath the painting “Corner at Chiayi Park”, which was created by famous oil painter, Tan Teng-pho, under Japanese Rule. The Minister of Labor, Hsu Ming-chun, and the delegate were amazed by Tan Teng-pho’s painting within a painting.

    In 2017, Cheng Shiu University established the Picture Frame Workshop which possesses comprehensive capabilities in repair and preservation. Assistant Professor Chih-nan Wu from the Department of Visual Communication Design said in the guided tour that customized premier frames make artworks perfect. Meanwhile, a user-centric app was developed to provide simulations and resolve problems found in the different sections of frames and colors. This also allows users to understand the importance of visual relations between frames and artworks. 

    The Minister of Labor, Ming-chun Hsu, commented that it is a remarkable achievement for a technology university to build talents capable of the repair and preservation of artifacts. She also emphasized that human capital is the foundation of national developments. President Kung showed great foresight in his decision to establish the restoration center and other six centers, and these establishments are now the cradle of talent pipelines for the country.