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Cheng Shiu University Receives Double Awards for University Social Responsibility at 2021 USR ONLINE EXPO

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2021/12/08

    The works of Cheng Shiu University’s students stood out from over 300 projects and won two awards at the 2021 USR ONLINE EXPO organized by the Ministry of Education. On this occasion, it was the only school awarded in both categories: “My USR Show” and “Stories of Program Highlight”.

    The Ministry of Education provided subsidies to colleges and universities in Taiwan for the implementation of university social responsibility in 2020-2022. In order to showcase the achievements of different schools during the past year, the 2021 USR ONLINE EXPO was organized under the theme “USR. Dialogues. Changes ─ Dialogues between You and Me about Life and Courage for Willingness to Change” and in the two categories of “My USR Show” and “Stories of Program Highlight”.

    A total of 102 entries were submitted for the category “My USR Show” and among these, 12 received awards. The category “Stories of Program Highlight” attracted 204 entries and was awarded 36 of these entries. Cheng Shiu University, National Taiwan University, and National Cheng Kung University are the only schools that won awards in both categories on this occasion. 

    Cheng Shiu University’s project “Banana Proud · The Greater Cishan Model Innovation Cooperative Production Promotion Program, which is a microfilm about “youth, mid-to-old age and this year”, was a winner in the category “My USR Show”. It is a story about a group of university students bonding with community elders and establishing deep connections through intergenerational learning due to a USR program.

    During the pandemic, seniors taught farming techniques to students online. Through these interactions, university students established an understanding about professionalism and specialization, as well as the value of life about making efforts before harvesting.

    Cishan and Xinpi are the two USR projects awarded in the category “Stories of Program Highlight”.  The Cishan project centers on the Spoonbill Youth Task Force, i.e., a group of enthusiastic university students based in remote areas engaged in community work to serve society.

    The “Xinpi USR Initiative to Assist in Local Industrial Upgrade” in Xinpi Township, Pingtung County is about the creation of pitaya + pineapple cakes; however, the sales of pitayas and pineapples declined due to COVID-19. The university works with local food companies by integrating pitayas into pineapple cakes and hopes this new product will help to resolve the demand and supply imbalance of locally produced fruits. 

    The Department of Early Childhood Care and Education, Cheng Shiu University, believes that USR may serve as a starting point for community sustainability, and the department will continue to play a role in serving society and driving university social responsibility.