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Cheng Shiu University Wears Gold and Silver at Miss Globalcity Pageant

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2021/10/22

    Pei-han Lai from the Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling and Jia-lung Guo from the Department of Leisure and Sport Management, Cheng Shiu University, participated and won the 16th Miss Globalcity Pageant in 2021 against numerous gorgeous ladies and gentlemen. Pei-han Lai was crowned as Miss Globalcity Taiwan and Jia-lung Guo became the runner-up of Mr. Globalcity Taiwan. They presented their awards today to President Jui-Chang Kung and received a scholarship of NT$20,000 and NT$15,000, respectively, for their stellar performances.

    Pei-han Lai was also voted as the most popular and Chiayi City No. 1 online. She was thrilled to be chosen as the holder of three titles.

    When meeting with Pei-han Lai and Jia-lung Guo, President Jui-Chang Kung commented that Pei-han Lai’s crown is well deserved given her beautiful look and calm demeanor on stage. With great pectoral muscles, a good look, and style, Jia-lung Guo has what it takes to be Mr. Globalcity; however, he may have presented better if he had worn a white suit, and perhaps this was the reason he missed the crown. 

    Miss Globalcity Taiwan, Pei-han Lai, is a junior student in the Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling. She said that Chair Yung-chung Li of the department had been encouraging her to take part in the pageant since her first year at the university; however, she did not say yes because of her timid personality and dislike of the pageantry of a period drama on TV. She finally made up her mind after repeated persuasion from the dean and the chair.   

    The most demanding part of the training was learning how to dance in 13 cm high heel shoes. Not a natural dancer, Lai practiced and practiced for this challenge, and while the process was difficult, she gradually overcame it.

    The award announcement began with the most popular and Chiayi City No. 1 according to online votes. As a representative from her hometown Chiayi, Pei-han Lai was thrilled to learn that she had won both. Her mind went blank upon the announcement for the top five performers, and when the master of ceremony declared No. 19, Pei-han Lai, the 2021 Miss Globalcity, she spaced out for a second as countless thoughts raced through her head. She could not believe that she won three crowns in a day. 

    Pei-han Lai, who enjoys aesthetics, singing, and playing the ukulele, felt emotional when receiving the award because her efforts had paid off. She thanked the judges for their acknowledgment and her competitors in this tough competition.


    The runner-up for Mr. Globalcity, Jia-lung Guo, is in his fourth year in the Department of Leisure and Sport Management. He is good at basketball, running, and swimming, but never learned how to dance. While the start of the competition was difficult for him given his lack of talent in dancing, he improved through practicing and training at home. 

    Jia-lung Guo works part-time as a model and has extensive experience on the catwalk, thus, he was not nervous at all in the international competition and found the on-stage presentation relatively easy.

    Guo thanked his parents for caring and helping him to develop his talents, expressed his gratitude for the guidance and encouragement from teachers and support from friends, and stated that he would cherish this honor.