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Department of Architecture and Interior Design

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  • Department of Architecture and Interior DesignDepartment of Architecture and Interior Design
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/04




         The Department of Architectural Engineering was established in 1990, and initially offered a two-year program and a four-year program for regular students, and a four-year program for evening students who had graduated from an Industrial High School. 
        In order to provide for a more competitive career opportunity, the Department of Architectural Engineering was reorganized in 2007, and renamed the “Department of Architecture and Interior Design”. As the name implies, the Department offers two professional degree programs - Architectural Design and Interior Design.



         The current market demand for designers is much stronger than in the past. The government has been promoting policies for “communities as a whole” and “design innovations in traditional industries,” which are stimulating the reuse or renovation of old vacant spaces and buildings. The policies have greatly increased the demand for those with expertise in both architecture and interior design.
         In the pastarchitecture and interior design was separated by their respective subjects taught and theoretical orientations. This resulted in a lack of sensitivity to connections between outdoor features and indoor spaces. Nowadays the relationship between architectural design and interior design has become stronger. This is partly a response to increasingly complicated market demands, and partly a realization of the benefits derived from collaborations in teaching and learning.



        There are seven categories in our professional curriculum of Architecture and Interior Design. They are the Fine Arts, Design, Planning, Construction, Utilities, Theory and History, and Computer Aided Drawing. Students may explore their ambitions and refine their future professional goals through the completion of this curriculum. In addition, the faculty is committed to improvements in teaching techniques to maximize student learning.

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         The faculty of the Department is composed of 17 full-time teachers, including 5 associate professor, 4 assistant professors and 8 instructors. Over half of the faculty is comprised of licensed architects having a great deal of experience in practical applications, research, and teaching.



         Architecture and interior design simulation software and hardware, High-end image digital processing equipment, Large graphics plot, Indoor air quality testing equipment, Digital architectural model-making equipment.


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